FoshanSanhe Locking Metal products Company, founded in the formeh name of Setsun International Group. Headquarted in Sunshui of FoshanGity ,Setsun gets several subsidiaries, including FoshanSanhe Locking Metal Products Co ,Foshanchuanghe Metal Products Co Ltd , Zhaoqingchuanghe Metal surface Treating Co, Lid,and Sales agents in Europe and America.In 2008,three Parties,SetsunInternatimal, Foshanchuanghe and top CI ploting and Advertismgcompany in Guanglong ,put out series of Marketing solution for the brand SETSUN. From then on, SETSUN stewards to the mainland of China with its full power. With the hard work of the full staff, the Metal ManufactuningCompang put in TPS, one of the modernized Management sgstem,sucessfullg, With an efficientdesign group, and several advanced mould production, die casting, electric plating, punching, metal production, lines, and a Sales group with great vigor, This one-stop producfiin line meets the increasing domand from the market. Our company row become to be one of the top metal produds manufacturer in the world.


About Setsun

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